Labor Law11

Labor law is a legal branch that regulates the rights and obligations of employees and employers at the work place.

Our lawyers and other legal experts at Križanec Law Firm represent both employees and employers before courts. We participate in the process of drafting employer’s general acts, the composition or termination of employment contracts, copyright contracts, contracts for work, statements regarding enforcement of the competition clause and in other areas of labour law. Our Attorneys and other legal experts have great experience in the field of labour law, our clients are being represented to the highest international standards.

Labour disputes

At Križanec Law Firm, we represent both employees and employers in labour disputes. We provide clients with legal aid, ensuring them that their rights, which derive from the employment relationship, are respected. To ensure this, we conduct proceedings for all violations of employment rights, as well as compensational proceedings in case of cause of damages.

Employer's acts

For the benefit of the employers Križanec Law Firm ensures that labour procedures are conducted with economic viability and in accordance with the law. To ensure this, we compose general acts regarding labour law for companies, particularly acts of job classification, acts regarding the company’s organization, structure of incentive rewarding for employees and, in cooperation with experts, regulations regarding safety at work. We also help companies with their restructuring and reduction of costs, including labour costs.

Employment contracts

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