Inheritance Law11

Inheritance law regulates relations of the private-property legal sphere, concerning inheritance, namely the succession of assets from the deceased person on to other people.

Our inheritance law is based on three fundamental principles: a) testamentary freedom, b) inheritance within the family, and c) universal succession. Inheritance thus enables property relations, and other rights and obligations which arise from these relations, of the deceased person, to be transferred to other natural or legal persons.

Attorneys at Križanec Law Firm provide legal representation in the field of inheritance law, where we have been representing our clients for over 50 years. In this challenging and complex field of law, a good attorney must protect the rights and interests of his clients in court and out-of-court proceedings with energetic performance, thorough preparation for each case and with an understanding of inheritance law as a whole.

Križanec Law Firm, with headquarters in Ljubljana, provides you with services in the field of inheritance law, which inter alia include, advisement and representation of clients in inheritance, denationalization and litigation proceedings, assistance in composing of wills, agreements on the renunciation of inheritance, and with other matters of inheritance law.

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