About Us

Tempora mutatur et nos mutamur in ilis. – Times change, and we to change with them.

Who are we

Križanec Law Firm is one of the oldest law firms in Ljubljana. We have been providing legal assistance to our clients for over 50 years. Attorneys and other legal experts in our firm are distinguished by their high professionalism, excellence, dynamic and, above all, experience, which is an indispensable element of law firms. We are still following in old footsteps, where our main goals are customer satisfaction, morality and honesty. We represent our clients to the highest international standards.


We represent domestic as well as foreign natural and legal persons. To resolve legal issues we work with external consultants – auditors, tax advisers and notaries.

Practice areas

At Križanec Law firm we provide clients with legal assistance in the field of commercial, civil, administrative and labour law.

Our vision

Our goal is to represent clients at the highest professional level, while following high ethical standards. With our knowledge, experience and tradition, which is longer than 50 years, we want to ensure our clients a personal and professional attitude, responsiveness and high professionalism. Above all, we want to follow the criteria that has led us to the reputation we enjoy today. We want to continue the tradition of our firm, specializing in classical civil and commercial law. With new young experts, we would also like to specialize in other legal areas in the future.